The agency


Established in 2003, Avant-Scène is an above and below-the-line communications consulting agency with a focus on events communication.

We foster close relationships with our clients, who range from businesses to organizations, and support them by using innovative approaches to create communications campaigns and events that optimize their profile, image and development.

Our work, which can be found both in Morocco and all over the world, stands out as a result of the intense passion and creativity we put into it.

Headquarters: Rabat. Offices: Casablanca and Marrakesh.

Our approach



We provide realistic recommendations tailored to our clients’ challenges, objectives and culture. We are always looking to add value and we devise effective strategies using a results-oriented approach.


We create unique experiences and immersion into individual worlds to bring the message to the audience. Our constant challenge is to craft and execute ideas and creative concepts that make a connection and have a lasting impact on the audience.


We apply meticulous processes from briefing all the way through to analysis of our performance. Our teams of expert professionals follow proven planning and management methods, providing managed coordination on the ground, down to the finest details.












Consulting & creative


At Avant-Scène, we support our clients in their above and below-the-line communications strategies by providing strategic thinking and tailor-made, constantly evolving creativity. With a combination of marketing and communications expertise and a real passion for creative work, we put together the most suitable and impactful events for our clients’ individual needs.

  • Strategies and action plans 


    Content management

  • Creative




Stage design


We constantly monitor trends to design and create up-to-the-minute events plans that leave a lasting impression on people. We see every project as an opportunity to create an original, impactful experience that fulfils our client’s objectives and conveys the right message. We create original stage designs in keeping with the conceptual approach we develop for every event. We produce our own layouts and have an extensive range of furniture and decorative items at our disposal. We also offer proven expertise in designing and organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, branding areas and creating stands.

  • Stage design, layouts and exhibitions


Technical design


We define all the technical specifications well in advance, working from the event design stage right up to production. Partnering with carefully chosen technical equipment suppliers who have been working with us for many years, we cover all the technical requirements of event production. We supervise and ensure quality control throughout every stage, from the choice of equipment and installation to testing and operation on the day.

Technical design 


Special effects




We have an experienced logistics coordination unit at our disposal, which we adapt to suit the individual needs of each event. We put in place meticulous plans on the ground in advance, paying constant attention to efficiency and to the comfort of our various audiences.



Audiovisuel & Digital


Ever since Avant-Scène was established, we have evolved with communications technology and with brands’ and organizations’ communications channels. As a result, we’ve developed proven expertise in the digital and audiovisual sectors, working with leading partners who share our passion.





Artistic performances


Avant-Scène assure la direction artistique de ses événements, en cohérence avec les concepts imaginés et les publics visés. Nous proposons des plateaux artistiques marocains ou internationaux dans des formats inédits, privilégiant des rencontres artistiques créatrices d'émotions pour des lancements de produits, ouvertures officielles, soirées de gala, concerts, spectacles... 


Media relation


From creating buzz to launching products and publicizing events, we utilize the right strategies and tactics to achieve the best media impact. Our expert media teams develop specific narratives that match our clients’ challenges, objectives and messages, always taking the context into account. As every media has its specifics, we provide the most suitable content through advertising and PR campaigns, allowing us to meet our audience’s expectations and overcome any obstacles.

Media and PR campaigns








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